A:Have you recently upgraded your PC to IE9 or IE10 and realized you can’t get into your version of Act For Web?

A:Wanting to access your contact on your smart phone via a HTML5 version of ACT!?
A:Thinking about buying a Windows 8 PC?
A:Is your PC getting old and out of warranty and you may be forced to upgrade to Windows 8 due to a hardware failure?As some of you know, sage software is no longer allowing customers who have older version of ACT! to get upgrade pricing. This policy went in to effect May of last year ( see here: http://na.sage.com/Sage-ACT/support/maintenance-and-support/obsolescence-policies ) . To help those that didn’t get the memo, or couldn’t swing the last minute purchase, Sage is allowing customers to upgrade their old version of ACT! this month when you also purchase a support contract. This means you will get ACT! 2013 and ACT! 2014 (later this year when it become available). This is a good deal and I don’t know what the future ACT! Sale promo holds but why risk having to over pay for something when you have to have it, when you can get for a deal right now. You cannot get a better deal on ACT! 2013 and ACT! 2014. I’ve never seen this good of a deal in my 9 years of selling ACT! software.

Here is the price break down
ACT! Upgrade (per user) $259.95
ACT! Biz Care (per User) $94.5 – 50% of SRP
TOTAL Per User $354.45

Once this promo is over it will cost you $449.99 Per user for the current version. That does not include software updates (ACT! 2014). With the release of Windows 8 and IE 10, Firefox 20, your ability to use your software should not be limited because you bought a new computer, or updated your windows browser. Upgrade ACT! now while this great price exist.

But wait, there’s more.
If you order you upgrade this week (before COB 1/18/2013) we will discount the ACT! Upgrade license by $50. Making your upgrade cost you $304.45 per user. This is a one time offer, we will NOT extend or reoffer this price cut as we are discounting the price to encourage users to upgrade.

If you have any questions call me at 644.419.4808 X103