Scope of Act! Hosting Support Services

Technical support offered by RTG! as part of the Act! Hosting Service covers use of Act! in line with system
requirements and recommended platforms. In summary, the scope of technical support is:
– Guidance on onboarding database via Act! Cloud Portal cloud
– An overview of Act! Cloud Portal features
– Troubleshooting of any errors within Act Cloud Portal
– Troubleshooting of Act! Desktop Remote Database Sync Errors
– Troubleshooting Act! Premium for Web Login Issues
– Troubleshooting of errors with-in Act! Premium for Web

Should you require any services outside the hosting support service coverage, training or advice on a
consultative level, please contact your Act! Certified Consultant.

See the table below for details on support coverage:

Category Act! Hosting
Service Coverage
Outside Hosting
Service Coverage
operating systems
(OS), database
platforms, browsers,
Provide system requirements.
Provide steps on any specific configuration.
Provide instructions to add Act! and SQL
exceptions to the Windows firewall only
System Recommendations.
Installation of 3rd party applications and
Troubleshooting stability, performance or
other problems.
Troubleshooting operating system issues –
firewall, antivirus, permissions, etc.
Installation &
Provide installation or upgrade
Provide KB articles to assist troubleshooting
any errors encountered during an installation
or upgrade.
Local (on-site) installation services.
Consulting services to install or resolve nonAct! installation issues specific to your
organization’s technical environment hands on deployment and installation.
Database conversions from earlier versions of
Act! and other CRMs.
Act! integration to supported 3rd party
RTG will install ACT! as a paid support item.
Troubleshooting connectivity issues within
your Act! Cloud product.
Provide instructions for Synchronization
Create Remote Databases
Understand and explain requirements for
creating sync sets & remote database
Troubleshoot problems when configuring or
using synchronization within Act!.
RTG will deploy Remote Database as a paid support item.
Database customizations are not covered
under Act! Hosting support.
Changes to your layout, including creating
and adding fields, customizing columns,
adding menus and toolbars.
Troubleshoot problems encountered during
database customization in Act!.
For complete layout design service, contact
your Act! Certified Consultant.
Reports &
Provide instructions to edit a report or word
Understand requirements and make
recommendations for running, creating or
editing Reports & Templates.
Troubleshoot issues encountered using
existing Reports & Templates in Act!.
Microsoft Word support.
Assistance connecting your Act! data to third
party reporting tools.
Importing and
Exporting Data
Provide instructions to import or export data
from Act!.
Review data format for import into Act!.
Understand requirements and make
recommendations for importing and exporting
Edit source data such as excel or CSV.
Exporting data from third party software or
validating/formatting it for you, so that it can
be imported into your Act! product.
Creating your data definition files or mappings
for data import.
RTG will perform Imports & Exports as a paid support item
Troubleshooting connectivity to Act! Cloud
when Internet connectivity is working.
Troubleshooting internet connectivity.
Troubleshooting other connectivity issues that
exist outside of your Act! product.
Assistance with unsupported networks.
Installation, troubleshooting or configuration
of network (WAN/LAN)
Act! emarketing
and Swiftpage
Troubleshoot connectivity to Marketing Automation. Advise on template and campaign design.
Training on the design interface.