Why RTG?

Remote Tech Group is the Act! Certified Consultants Choice when it comes to hosting. RTG provides a superior product when compared to even Swiftpages Act! hosting. In testing RTG’ Act! Cloud Hosting Platform is 3 times faster than Swiftpage’s provided hosting.

What Act! Consultants say about RTG

“ACT in-the-cloud at its best!  The highest quality ACT Hosting available in the world today, even better than ACT.com corporation!  Customers love the ease of use and dependability.  Consultants and IT professionals love the ease of deployment and powerful administrative “MAXX” feature set.”
-Daniel G.

“RTG has been a strong hosting partner of Training Solutions, Inc. for several years.  Their hosting service is powerful, seamless, and easy to use.  MAX is a valuable tool that allows us to provide excellent service to our customers. Jeremy and Matthew are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile to support us and our clients.  In all the years of working with RTG, we’ve never had a negative experience.”
-Cindy K.

“RTG provides excellent service, both to customers and to ACC’s.  I have been working with RTG for over five years, hosting customers’ databases. They have been helpful, even when something doesn’t go as smoothly as one would expect.  Support, including off-hours, is great. I would recommend their services.”
-Louise W.

“When I began my career as an ACC, ACT! was a DOS product, but was one of the few networking solutions for “Contact Management”. I have seen many changes within ACT! and always try to stay on top of technology. With this in mind, 5 years ago, I began a partnership with RTG, which has been one of the best decisions I have made as a ACC. RTG’s system is very easy to setup clients’ database and has all of the flexibility required to provide my clients with a pleasurable experience. RTG is the real deal.”
-Keith M.

“I can’t even jokingly say “I use RTGroup because they suck less”.  They don’t suck at all!   The ease of use for ActCloudPortal to onboard and manage customers myself is a dream. I don’t think Act Hosting by swiftpage will ever be able to compete.”
-Michael M.

“RTG provides the best hosted platform for Act! databases in the business.  In a Tier III co-location facility with 13 on-premise data carriers, they provide load balanced Web servers, multiple sync servers and host 5 versions of Act!.   With ActCloudPortal you get a web based platform that gives ACCs extensive management control of customers databases.  Their technical support is second to none, and with multiple pricing models, ACCs can offer alternatives to meet customers’ needs.”
-Tom P.

“I would not trust my clients’ Act! databases to any other hosting service than RTG.  The support and service is superior to any of the other hosting options which means my clients never experience any downtime.  Their speed is 3 times faster than that of any other service and I know that because the database is accessed through an https website the data has the absolute highest level of security.”
-Karen F.

“RTG hosting is the best of both customer & ACC experience.  The customer gets reliable, responsive, and affordable act! hosting.  And as an ACC, you have the ability to manage the hosting account via ActCloudPortal unlike any other Act! hosting solution.  If you want happy act! hosting customers,  and to still maintain a close customer relationship, RTG is it. “
-Michelle S.

“RTG is the best, always going above and beyond to get the project done and database moved.   Now with their premium hosting that includes the iphone/ipad app it is an EASY sell to get people to choose the $45 pupm option.    And as far as commission checks, NEVER late!    I highly recommend you use RTG if you are not already.   No doubt.”
-Clay W.

“Simply put, RTG’s servers work without fail, much like we expect a washing machine to never fail. As an ACC, I can depend on RTG to create a passive source of income knowing what I send their way works and gets resolved WIHOUT DRAMA OR NON BILLABLE TIME. I waste no time in accounting, and I have control via the ActCloudPortal interface unlike other hosting providers. “
-Mark M.

RTG is an authorized partner of Swiftpage, providing a family of hosting & training Solutions for Act!