Act! Pro Cloud Sync

This option features ACT! Pro Cloud Sync with Remote Tech Group’s Act! Cloud Hosting Services

  • Act! Pro Perpetual License – This is a great value as it does not require an active ACT! Premium Software Subscription. It also includes all new features that are released through updates to the Act! Pro product. This Includes Updates to fix problems as well as new features. With the Act! Pro you keep the same version of your software, you only upgrade to a newer version if you have purchased the newer version.
  • – You also get access to our which is the most advanced Act! Hosting Administration Tool. More on here
  • Remote Tech Groups Support – Our staff is also available to help with any hosting related issue. You can email our support team or create tickets online.
  • 5 Gb Disk Space – Each Act! database in our Act! PaaS (Platform As A Service) is required to follow some disk space usage rules. This is important as it helps with the stability of the Act! Hosting Platform and ensures that your Act! database performs optimally.
  • $100 Setup or DIY: Do you already know your way around Act! and want to do it yourself, thats an option. If your not feeling brave, RTG’s Support Team is here to help as well.
  • Single Server: The ACT! Pro Sync package is designed to deliver ACT! PRO Sync with out having to have an ACT! Pro Server in your office. This enables you to sync ACT! PRO thru the internet with out VPNs or complications.
  • 99.95% Uptime – This is our no worries uptime guarantee. Your Act! database is your businesses blood, downtime is expensive and with out 18+ years experience in providing Act! hosting, we know how to minimize it.
  • 7 Days Onsite/180 Days Offsite : Our Amazing ActCloudPortal will automatically backup your database and then move it offsite to another secure datacenter with in minuets. We keep 7 days of backups available onsite and the last 180 day available offsite.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Package

What if I already have and older version of Act!? Not all customers upgrade paths are the same. Please contact RTG @ 646-419-4808 to discuss your upgrade options.

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